30 Big Ideas, Trends, and Predictions for 2012

hi, so this time i’m gonna make resume from http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/1849-business-trends-2012.html which talking about:

30 Big Ideas, Trends and Predictions for 2012

So, this are the predictions from small-business owners nationwide about what trends and big ideas they think will take center stage in 2012. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Gesture-recognition technology – Ilya Bukshteyn,

2. Microsoft’s Tellme -Mark Grondin, Shopatron.com

3. Cyberinsurance.– Matt Cullina, IDT 911

4. Proximity-based social networks -Ken Gaebler, Walker Sands Communications

5. Public/private partnerships Dan Biederman, Biederman Redevelopment Ventures

6. Business rollupsMike Handelsman, Bizbuysell,Bizquest

7. Strategic technology consulting Heinan Landa, Optimal Networks

8. Local and mobile search – JoAnna Dettmann, tSunela

9. Social media for hiring Anne Berkowitch, SelectMinds

10. Outsourcing IT functions Carolyn April, CompTIA

11. Personalized business software Christian Lanng, Tradeshift

12. Increased franchising Dan Martin, IFX

13. Reputation reviews for business servicesVan Jepson, GroupPrice

14. The deals space will continue to expand – Tom Aley, RapidBuyr

15. Mobile learningChad Udell, Float

16.The expense management of mobile applicationsKurt Brown, Quickcomm

17. “Bolt-on” acquisitions – Dennis Stearns, Stearns Financial Services Group

18. Group incentivizationEron Zehavi, Swagbucks

19. Chinese companies become a force in global markets – George F. Brown, Jr., David G. Hartman, Blue Canyon Partners, Inc.

20. Understanding chatter – Neil Rosen, eWay Direct

21. More ad measurement Irv Shapiro, Ifbyphone

22. Navigate the Web using voice command – Kevin McNally, Interactive Palette

23. Consumer products and technologies – Rob Bernshteyn, Coupa

24. Innovative workspace services – John Jordan, President, Global Workspace Association

25. Friction-free mobile-device management– Steve Workman, LANDesk Software

26. Customized enterprise application storesDan Croft, Mission Critical Wireless

27. The disintegration of “channels.” – Jeremy Gustafson, KSC Kreate

28. Cloud-based documents and information resources – Jason Nazar, DocStoc

29.Digital Coupon Book.”– Jerry Nettuno, Schedulicity

30. The small businesses that do not currently have a website will be able to get online – David Rusenko, co-founder and CEO of Weebly.com